Art Progress: January-February 16th

I’ve made so much progress so far this year, seeing an explosion in development and refinement of my style. Here’s how I’ve done in various areas.

Fluid Art

I made a series of new paintings in January that I just recently finished varnishing and prepping for sale. The pallet was electric green and black, but I also incorporated glitter, color-shifting metallics, and metallics in general. I also returned to acrylic texture medium, using it to give a three dimensional effect to pours that light otherwise come out perfectly flat.

“Toxic Sludge,” 12×12” acrylic on canvas
“Still Waters,” 48×48” acrylic on canvas


I acquired new paints for Christmas and used them for a few new projects. I’ve also begun using my Dr. PH Martin’s Hydrus watercolors as underpainting: because they won’t reactivate with water, they’re perfect for plotting out basics before beginning on the details and building up texture. This was particularly successful in my painting “Lost at Sea.” Mostly, though, watercolor is one of my tools in mixed media.

“Lost at Sea” is for sale in my Etsy shop.


I’ve done a lot with ink so far this year, including character drawings and experimenting with J. Herbin fountain pen inks in deep red and purple. Working through the ghosts from Thirteen Ghosts (2001) has also kept me developing and pushing my mixed media progress. My skulls studies on watercolor backgrounds have also been rich developmental experiences.

“The Bound Woman”, watercolor and ink
“Forest King,” watercolor and ink
“Delta” in progress picture, ink and marker

“Harley,” watercolor and ink

While I have been making breakthroughs in my process and artistic development, I’m feeling the pinch as the government remains unstable and people are less inclined to purchase art. If you like my work but are also strapped right now, please consider liking and sharing. If you have the means, I’d very much appreciate any monetary support. I have perks in the making for regular Ko-Fi subscribers, but I also take commissions there. There are also completed works and prints on Etsy and my work on mass produced items at Redbubble.




Again, every little show of support helps. Thanks for joining me and for all your support on my journey.

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