Horror as Aesthetic

Horror is a point of view: People either see the horror side of life or they don’t. Either approach is perfectly acceptable, but I’m more inclined to think that we can’t really ever escape our dreams or our nightmares. In essence, dreams are a primal force. They don’t have to be reasonable. The dark side of that feeling isn’t something everyone wants to face, and understandably so.

I strive to capture that feeling in my artwork, the thin line between dream and wakefulness that makes us question reality and our place in the world.

Artful Dreaming

To this end, I use acrylic pours to tap into the unconscious expectations of the audience. I want to inspire the audience to stop, exist in the moment, and lose themselves in the structured complexity of the piece.

My media of choice are watercolor, ink, alcohol marker, and acrylic. All have their own purposes and uses in my toolbox, and I’ll use whichever is most effective to make the viewer stop and stare.

To view my Curriculum Vitae, including my experience and education background, click here.


If you like what you see and wish to contact me for commissions, shows, or other work, email me here: kelleyfrank03@gmail.com. You can also direct message me through Etsy, Facebook, or Instagram.

If you want to help me make art, consider joining my Patreon for exclusive content or making a one-time donation through my Ko-Fi. Every little bit helps!

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