Curriculum Vitae


P.O. Box 936
Locust Grove, GA 30248


2017 — Current
Freelance Artist. Maintain presence on WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, Patreon, Ko-Fi, YouTube, TikTok, Pintrest, Tumblr, Twitch, Society6, and Redbubble as Morbid Smile. Market and sell prints, jewelry, and original art both online and in person at festivals and conventions. Commissions include jewelry, logo design, large acrylic paintings, graphic design, resin craft, and illustration.

2018 – 2021          
Film Reviewer, Dead, Buried, and Back online horror website based in Atlanta, GA. Regularly reviews current and upcoming horror films in theaters and online screenings to help audiences decide which are worth seeing.

2016 — 2019          
Social Media Coordinator, Black Knight Productions Cosplay on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook I’ve worked as a member of a local cosplay troupe that also presents academic panels and performs improv at a variety of conventions as well as on location. My duties include maintaining the Instagram and Facebook pages for the group with three other administrators, videography, photography and photo editing, tagging, captioning, and maintaining relevance through various promotions. Appearances include KamiCon, DragonCon, MomoCon, SeishunCon, Magic City Con, and Anime Weekend Atlanta.


September 2004 – 2009
Master of Arts, Cum Laude from Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA            
Master of Arts and Professional Writing Program
Composition and Rhetoric and Creative Writing

Thesis: Good Cards That Nobody Plays: A Close Study of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Environment as a Literacy Community of Collaborative Social Learning

May 2002 – August 2004               
Bachelor of Arts, Cum Laude from Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA                                                                           
English focus, minor in Philosophy

Thesis: Madness, the Mirror Self, and Emergent Feminism in Ruth Hall

September 1997 – August 2001
Associates of Arts from Clayton College & State University, Morrow, GA
Department of Humanities,
Integrated Studies Focus: Studio Art and English

Vendor Experience:

  • Recurring sales on YouTube: 2022
  • Recurring sales on WhatNot: 2022
  • Oconee Library Fan Fest, Oconee, GA: 2022
  • JordanCon, Atlanta, GA: 2022
  • Toylanta, Marietta, GA: 2022
  • Next Chapter Con, Atlanta, GA: 2021
  • Multiverse, Atlanta, GA: 2021, 2022
  • Atlanta Comic Con, Atlanta, GA: August 6-8, 2021
  • Lennox Pop-Up Art Gallery, Atlanta, GA: 10 July 2021, 24th July 2021
  • Middle Georgia Comic Convention, Macon, GA: 2021, 2022
  • CONjuration, Atlanta, GA: 2019
  • Walker-Stalker, Atlanta, GA: 2019
  • Night Market, Peachtree City, GA: 2019
  • Next Chapter Con, Ringgold, GA: 2019
  • MiniCon, Kennesaw, GA: 2019
  • Plein Aire Paint Out and Opening Reception hosted by Gallery at Hood Street in McDonough, GA: 2019
  • Nickelodeon Art Show at Battle & Brew: February–March 2019
  • Sewell Mill Storytelling Festival in Marietta, GA: 2019
  • Callanwolde Artist Market, Atlanta, GA: 2019, 2020
  • Fall Festival on Ponce, Atlanta, GA: 2018
  • Park 42 Fall Festival, Locust Grove, GA: 2018
  • Fall Fest in Candler Park, Atlanta, GA: 2018
  • Grant Park Summer Shade Festival, Atlanta, GA: 2018, 2019
  • 4th of July Family Fun Fest, Locust Grove, GA: 2018, 2019
  • The Geranium Festival, McDonough, GA: 2018, 2019, 2021


2021                Short Story: “The Heap of Root and Stone” Georgia Gothic: Stories from the Dark Side of the Deep South.

2021                Poem: “All Roads Lead To” Georgia Gothic: Stories from the Dark Side of the Deep South.

2014                Recipient: Influential Person Award , The Office of First Year Experience at the University of West Georgia

2012                Short Story: “Collector” Nocturnal Embers

2010                Short Story: “The Mortician’s Secret” Flesh & Bone: Rise of the Necromancers

2010                Recipient: PEP Grant, Professional Equity Project Grant to attend the 2011 Conference on College Composition and Communication in Atlanta, Georgia

2007                Manual: “Don’t Panic! A Beginner’s Guide to Being a Writing Tutor.”

2006                Short Story: “Not Quite Nirvana” Finalist, Agnes Scott Writer’s Festival Magazine


Oct. 2018-Present: The Horror Writer’s Association, Atlanta Chapter

Jun 2018-Present: Georgia Arts Network

Jun 2018-2019: Asia Council. Valdosta State University. Valdosta, GA.

2017-2018: Institutional Planning Committee, University of West Georgia.

2016-2018: Committee for Sexual Responsibility, University of West Georgia.

2010-2018: The National Council for Teachers of English.

Fall 2007-Present The Georgia Writer’s Association


Spring 2018: Conference Planning Team, 2018 Innovations in Pedagogy Conference. University of West Georgia.

Spring 2017: Conference Planning Team: 2017 Innovations in Pedagogy Conference: University of West Georgia.

3 May 2016: Conference Planning Team: 2016 Innovations in Pedagogy Conference: University of West Georgia.


17 August 2022: Handling Toxicity in Fandom with Elektra Hammond, Trish Milburn, Nancy Northcott, Hansi Oppenheimer, and Jim Nettles. ConTinual Convention. YouTube.

19 July 2022: Scream and the Future of Slasher Flicks with Gail Martin, Stephanie Burke, R.J. Joseph, Marc Abbott, and Tim Waggoner. ConTinual Convention. YouTube.

20 May 2022: Horror: Setting the Stage with Gail Martin, Hank Edwards, Gini Koch, David R. Slayton, Tim Waggoner, and Barbara Ann Wright. ConTinual Convention. YouTube.

5 Nov. 2021: Deathly Hallows: End of an Era with Britt Leveritt, Taiwan Hart, and Dan Newcombe. CONjuration, Atlanta, GA.

5 Nov. 2021: Tarot Tips and Tricks with Leigh Star Taylor and Chris Veil Morgan. CONjuration, Atlanta, GA

6 Nov. 2021: Cosplay and Social Media with Erica Clifford, Heather Durbin, Christi J. Whitney, and Marlena Frank. CONjuration, Atlanta, GA.

6 Nov. 2021: Static vs. Dynamic Characters with Cecilia Dominic, Bethanu Kesler, Dennis Medbury, and Marlena Frank. CONjuration, Atlanta, GA.

10 Oct. 2021: Movie Zeroversary Watch Party (After): 3 is a Monster Number. with Ellie Raine, Darin Bush, and Kyle Mitchell. The Tomb of Monsterama Con, Atlanta, GA.

10 Oct. 2021: From The Wicker Man to Midsommar: Witchcraft in Horror Films with Marlena Frank, Dr. Dea Mozingo-Gorman, and Jessa Phillips. The Tomb of Monsterama Con, Atlanta, GA.

8 Oct. 2021: A King & a Saint: 38 Years of Rabid Cujo Fans with Kyle Mitchell. The Tomb of Monsterama Con, Atlanta, GA.

8 Oct. 2021: The League of Extraordinary Doctors: Jekyll, Seward, Frankenstein, and Van Helsing with Darin Bush, Jim Adams, and Neal Privett. The Tomb of Monsterama Con, Atlanta, GA.

Jan. 2019: Villain Corner: Q&A with Aryn Harris, Kyle Grey Kucera, Jordan Dixon, Marlena Frank, Karlyn Warren. KamiCon, Birmingham, AL.

27 Jan. 2018:  Black Butler: The Musical Phenomenon with Marlena Frank and Aryn Harris. KamiCon, BJCC, Birmingham, AL.

2 Sept. 2017: Black Butler: Upstairs, Downstairs with Aryn Harris, Jordan Dixon, and Marlena Frank. Dragon*Con, Hilton, Atlanta GA.

3 Sept. 2017: That Butler, The Musical Phenomenon with Marlena Frank and Aryn Harris. Dragon*Con, Hilton, Atlanta GA.

27 May 2017: That Butler, The Musical Phenomenon with Marlena Frank and Aryn Harris. MomoCon, The Georgia World Conference Center, Atlanta, GA.                                     

7 Nov. 2016: Diverse Sexualities Panel Moderated by Dr. Yan Yang. University of West Georgia. 

1 Oct. 2016: The Not-So-Crack Theories of Black Butler with Areya Simmons and Marlena Frank. Anime Weekend Atlanta Conference, Atlanta GA.

4 Sept. 2016: The Not-So-Crack Theories of Black Butler with Areya Simmons and Marlena Frank. Dragon*Con, Hyatt, Atlanta GA.

3 Sept. 2016: Black Butler: The Two Ciels Theory with Areya Simmons and Marlena Frank. Dragon*Con, Hyatt, Atlanta GA.

12 Nov. 2015: Religious Diversity Panel Moderated by Dr. Yan Yang. University of West Georgia.

1 Nov. 2014: Gender and Feminism 2: Limitations in Cultural Production as Moderator. 29th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference in the Humanities: Worlds and Words. University of West Georgia.

30 Oct.- 1 Nov. 2014: Disney’s Maleficent: Reimagining Feminist Film: 29th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference in the Humanities: Worlds and Words. Carrollton, GA.

22 Mar. 2013: Norman Bates has Mommy Issues: Horror and First Year Writing: 11th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference for Teachers of Undergraduates: Teaching Matters – Making Connections. Barnesville, GA.

Feb. 2009: Bridging the Gap with Leah Hale and Jeff Cebulski. The Southeastern Writing Center Association Conference, The Writing Center’s Role in Student Success: 21st Century Strategies for Empowerment Rooted in Culture and Diversity. Greensboro, NC.


June 2022: Modern Color Theory: Master Color Mixing for Watercolors. Anna Kessy. Skillshare.

May 2022: Packaging Design for Creatives & Entrepreneurs. Simone Payne. Skillshare.

May 2022: How to Draw Hair in Procreate (part 1). Lara Militaru.

May 2022: Learn Shopify Now: Shopify for Beginners. John Cordova. Skillshare.

Jan. 2022: Sell Your Art in Art Galleries, Boutiques, Museum Gift Shops — Build Your Creative Business Series. Sandra Clarke. Skillshare.

Jan. 2022: Branding your Creative Business: Launching Your Brand. Faye Brown. Skillshare.

Dec. 2021: Social Media Marketing: Top Tips for Growing Your Followers & Going Viral. Cat Coquillette. Skillshare.

Dec. 2021: Expressive Watercolor Potraits. Arthur Braud. Domestika.

Dec. 2021: Package Design 1: The Basic Why and How. Trina Bentley. Skillshare.

Nov. 2021: How to Sell More Products at Live Events. Christopher Greenwood. Skillshare.

Nov. 2021. Composition for illustration: 10 Drawing Tips in Procreate. Iva Mikles. Skillshare.

Nov. 2021: Getting Started with Procreate (For iPad Pro). Banashree Das. Skillshare.

Jun.-Jul. 2018: Pilot Program: University Writing Center Online Tutoring with GSA Emily Jones. Duane Theobald and Stephanie Urich. University of West Georgia.

28 Jun. 2018: First-Year Seminar Course Development, Ryan Bronkema, University of West Georgia.

Feb.-Mar. 2018: Applying the QM Rubric. Quality Matters, University of West Georgia.

1-15 Nov. 2017: Improve Your Online Course. Quality Matters. University of West Georgia.

4 May 2016: Safe Zone Training, University of West Georgia.

Spring 2015: Film Pedagogy. Dr. Erin Lee Mock. University of West Georgia.                                   

16 Apr. 2011: Play/Write 3.0: Connecting Game Studies and Composition Pedagogies. Kelly Centrelli, Doug Eyman, Mary Karcher, Jill Morris, Scott Reed, and Wendi Sierra at the Conference of College Composition and Communication.

15 May 2009: The Peer Critique in a Collaborative Classroom Environment. Dr. Mara Holt, Kennesaw State University.


26-28 Oct. 2021: Adobe MAX 2021. Online.

20-22 Oct 2020: Adobe MAX 2020. Online.

25 Mar. 2017: The Outer Dark Symposium on the Greater Weird. The Outer Dark Podcast. Atlanta, GA.                                

5 Sept. 2015: Dragon*Con. Atlanta, GA.                                    

8 – 10 May 2015: World Horror Convention. The Horror Writers’ Association and 2015 Bram Stoker Awards. Atlanta, GA.                                   

31 Aug.- 3 Sep. 2012: Fourth Annual Comics and Popular Arts Conference. Atlanta, GA.


August 2012 – May 2018:      Limited Term Professor of English
Department of English, University of West Georgia
Responsible for a combined thirty-four sections of English Composition I (ENGL 1101) and English Composition II (ENGL 1102) courses, two sections of Literature by Women (ENGL 2190), and three hours in the Writing Center per week. Primary areas of focus for student analysis include horror literature, social constructs and critique, visual art analysis, and film theory, and critical thinking.

January 2011 – May 2012:     Adjunct Professor of English
Department of Humanities, Gordon College
Responsible for two English Composition II courses (ENGL 1102) and eight English Composition I courses (ENGL 1101) over three semesters with a strong focus on literature, analysis, research, and critical thinking.

August 2009 – December 2010:         Adjunct Professor of English
Department of English, Clayton State University
Responsible for four Composition II courses (ENGL 1102), four Composition I courses (ENGL 1101), and one Remedial English course (ENGL 0099) over three semesters. Focus on autobiography, literature, analysis, grammar/mechanics, research, debate, and critical thinking.

3-5 Sept. 2011: Third Annual Comics and Popular Arts Conference. Atlanta, GA.


Fall 2009 – 2010: Regents’ Essay Rater, Clayton State University Department of English.

Spring 2007: Peer Reviewer, Mischelle Anthony, Sarah Doman, and Chad Stanley. “In a Foreign Country: Going Public with Writing Mentors.” Writing Lab Newsletter, Spring 2007.

Aug. 2008 – Aug. 2009: Writing Assistant, The Writing Center, Department of English, Kennesaw State University.

Summer 2007: Internship, The Writing Center, Department of English, Kennesaw State University.

Fall 2005: Student Assistant, Department of Communication, Kennesaw State University.

Fall 1997- Spr. 2001: Student Assistant, Department of Learning Support, Clayton College & State University.