Resin Portfolio

I create resin art as a meditative practice, for art and craft shows, and by request. Below are a sampling of some of my work. My creations tend toward the gothic, glam witchcraft, and dark academia styles with mixed media elements. Contact me for commission inquiries or browse my existing pieces on my Etsy shop.

Gold and teal mini Ouija board set.
Mixed media refillable journal cover.
Purple and black coffin box.
Steampunk coaster set with custom colors (commission).
Blue and white moth and pansy ouija board.
Witchy rolling tray with foiled lettering, roses, and luna moth.
Ocean agate geode coaster set.
Rose and peach ombre crescent moon trinket tray.
Glow in the dark Fortuna trinket tray.
Custom steampunk coaster set (commission).
Green mandala tray.
Custom blue refillable resin notebook.
Summer oranges coaster set.
Halloween agate geode coaster set.
Glow in the dark runestones.
Rose crescent moon tray.
Rose and gold agate geode coaster set.
Secret Garden coaster set.
Egyptian collection pendant with gold leaf.
Mixed media refillable journal.
Rose coaster set.
Custom steampunk coaster set (commission).
Custom steampunk coaster set (commission).
Purple to blue color shift mandala tray.
Pink to orange color shift Ouija board with death's head moth.
Alien glow in the dark Ouija board.
Summer gold pendant.
Gothic cross coffin box.
Rainbow color shift Fortuna tray.