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Transitioning back to my artistic roots hasn’t been easy. Years of teaching left me burned out and bone-deep exhausted. It’s taken months to replenish my energies. The demands of a 4/4 teaching schedule (four classes per semester for spring and fall) are intense, especially for someone teaching freshman English. It put me in editing mode 24/7, even when I wasn’t grading or instructing, and everything in my life revolved around lesson plans and course design. The result? My depression and health in decline. I had to leave for my own mental and physical well-being, but its a long, hard road out of that mindset and toward a healthier self.

I’m nothing if not flexible though. Like most of my generation, I’ve come into the work force having to leap between jobs, taking on many hats and positions. I’ve been an administrative assistant, a teacher, a tutor, an even (briefly) a Blockbuster video employee. I do what it takes to survive and make my dreams happen. As an artist, this means freelance writing, commissions, art projects, charity events, shows, and festivals. Each step is crucial in my development as an artist and writer.

Making Art Local

Now that I’ve had time to rediscover my passion and gather my energies, I’m ready to take my art to the next level. This means providing new avenues for my art, and new accessibility for those who enjoy it. I’ve listened to the people who admire my work, and they have certain suggestions in common. I took that to heart in what I offer my Patrons.

What You’ll Get

Whether online or in person, I’ve had lots of people ask for classes, deals, and behind-the-scenes content. “How did you do that?” is the most common question, followed by “Can you teach me?” I also hear questions about exclusives, originals, and sales.

  1. Videos that teach art techniques like fluid acrylic painting, ink work, how to draw dinosaurs, etc. with materials notes and instructions.
  2. Downloadable items as a thank you to those who have supported me so far and pledge to continue that support. 
  3. Sales and exclusive patron-only bonuses.

Thank You for Your Support!

Y’all are important to me and to my growth as an artist. Thank you for being here, and for helping me work to become all that I can be.