January Developments

Welcome to 2019! It’s been a wild ride already, but the year is already shaping up pretty well overall! Money is tight, but it seems everyone is struggling right now. I know I’ve been more conscious of the food storage and preservation methods my grandma taught me these days.

I’m starting the year with a bang with a festival at the end of this month in the beautiful Callanwolde mansion in Atlanta. I was grateful to get accepted, and hopefully I find new connections and new art aficionados in the process!

Isn’t it beautiful!?

I’m also back on Twitch after a hiatus for sickness and the holidays. I have three videos up right now, one backlogged from December when I tried painting with watercolors on Main Street USA in Walt Disney World, Florida. It was so cold that day, so I struggled a bit! You’ll see. The most recent video is a painting of Sylveon from Pokémon. It’s a less stressful project than the others in store.

Tune in every Monday and Wednesday at 10am to see what I’m up to!

I forgot to mention too that my big commission went to it’s new home just before the New Year, and it looks anaxingbin the space. I’m incredibly proud of “Abstract Autumn” and look forward to more commissions and projects this year!

“Abstract Autumn” in a triptych painting.
“Abstract Autumn” is a triptych painting. I’m so damn proud of it!

Overall, I have high hopes for 2019: hopefully prospects are good! If you want to help me out, consider buying me a coffee through my Ko-Fi, and as always take care of yourselves 💜💜💜

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