Child’s Play (2019) Trailer Reaction: An Update with Real Potential


If you haven’t seen the latest trailer for the new Child’s Play movie, go give it a watch then come back.

I’m pretty excited about this movie, even more than I expected considering Mark Hamill himself is the voice of Chucky. The new spin revealed in just-released Trailer #2 tells us that this Chucky will be much more dangerous than previous incarnations because of his connections to internet and web-connected devices. Giving Chucky a way to connect to smart devices opens up a whole new level of potential scares. It taps into the fears we all have lately of being hacked or spied on. From stories of the deep web hijacking cellphone and web cameras for shady reasons to worries about hacking and identity theft. This could be a really interesting film beyond the obvious gore and slasher aspects.

Very curious to see how this plays out. Are you? Comment down below and let me know what you think about how the new Child’s Play movie looks.

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