YouTube Video: Self-Criticism in Fluid Art

New video on YouTube explores learning from failure.

I’m struggling this month to keep all my pots boiling, so my Youtube video was a little late. However, I think the subject is a pretty important one.

As an artist, it’s important for me to look at other people’s art and to reflect on my own. This is sometimes challenging since I do struggle with seeing the positives in my own work (Hello, anxiety/depression!), but it’s also important to learn why something didn’t turn out as planned.

Even months after leaving my university teaching career, I can’t shake the desire to turn everything into a teachable moment!

In this week’s video, I look back on a pour gone very right and two gone wrong, why they worked or didn’t, and what I learned from that trial and error process. It was pretty difficult to get around my inherent desire to just put out the good stuff and focus on the bad equally.

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