YouTube Video: Kawaii Sushi Bookmarks

I’ve been very busy this week on a new project inspired by my craving for sushi after Book Con 2019. We had a great time, but came back exhausted. I knew I would have time these few weeks to get sushi and chill before our next event, so I started drawing it instead.

I’me really happy with how well these bookmarks turned out. They’re inspired by manga art but also kawaii culture — I’m super invested in the aesthetic even though i can only look at and dream of the clothes and accessories.

Ita daki mas!

I hope you like these bookmarks designs as much as I do! They’re each one of a kind and are hand drawn, colored, painted, and gilded before sealed and placed in a plastic bookmark sleeve. Definitely upbeat accessories for summer reading. You can find theme here.

If you’re curious how Book Con went, check out Marlena’s vlog series about it. It’s a good way to live vicariously without the travel stress.

And I show up in it too, so…

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