YouTube Video: Night Forest

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the environment and the damage we humans do to it on a regular basis. It’s important for plenty of obvious reasons, but I find it especially depressing because of my own struggle with existential dread. My particular form of depression, dysthemia, stems from the inescapable fact that nothing lasts. If I’m not careful, the feeling that everything is pointless and we’re all dying anyway so why bother will weigh me down. So, when I feel the weight of that depression sneaking up, I turn to my art. This was a spur of the moment painting, but it came out really well. I planned nothing going in, and just followed my instincts, playing with light and shadow and color, then slowly molded it into the final painting. It was a meditative process.

Jazper Stardust’s watercolor in Starlight remains impressive. It’s the bright yellow I use for highlights on the tree itself, and you’ll see how well it stands up in the water and against other paints in the video. I’m trying to save enough to justify buying another color from them, but that’s the trouble with saving up to get one or two — there are too many options! I’ll probably have to save for a palette, but I have no idea which one. Maybe I should just stick with one half pan at a time.

Anyway, enjoy the video! If you have any questions or comments, I’m happy to answer as best I can.

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