Video: Speedpainting Umbreon from Sketch to Photoshop

I’m continually working on my digital art skills, and I’m pleased to share another Pokemon painting in my eeveelutions series. Umbreon is a dark-type Pokemon, and pairs nicely with water-type Vaporeon. Stickers coming soon!

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Much like my Vaporeon, Umbreon started as a sketch. I find starting that way helps me as a primarily traditional artist, and I can work with the design and details much easier in Photoshop.

Vaporeon is coming soon as a sticker too!

I swear, I constantly miss my CTRL + Z functions after making digital art for awhile, so it’s back to acrylic for me this week. Are you more comfortable making digital or traditional art? If you do both, do you have any tips for moving between such very different forms?

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