Making Progress with Pennywise

Pennywise from 2017

In 2017, I was still teaching English full time. I managed four classes of 23-26 students, graded papers daily, and lived my life in a constant state of editing and negotiation. Between constant little emergencies and the big deadlines (grade 100 essays in 2 weeks or less, GO!), I spent a lot of time thinking. Then something pretty anazing happened.

The 2017 movie IT debuted. It was my favorite novel when I was a kid, and I still reread it every few years. Pennywise is one of my favorite creatures, at once horrific and strangely sympathetic (isn’t hunting prey just what predators do?). Derry itself has a rich history. I’d be here all day explaining every way the book impacted me. To see such an amazing visual representation left me speechless.

For once, I couldn’t explain the impact it made in words. I had to rely on my art again.

I hadn’t made art in decades, not meaningfully. But Pennywise just came together. It started everything. I wouldn’t be here without IT.

Pennywise from 2019

Flash forward two years later and I’m an artist full time. I don’t have as much money or the safety net that it brings, but I’m happier in my art. And I’ve had years to improve, making art every single day. I wanted to draw Pennywise again, and there’s such a difference. The composition, the use of materials — I’m so proud of how far I’ve come, and this piece really shows the big leap.

For all those people out there who’ve bought my work or shared it on social media, thank you. To my patrons, thank you so much. You make it possible for me to grow and develop as an artist. I hope you can see the progress as much as I can.

You can find both paintings in my Etsy shop!

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2 thoughts on “Making Progress with Pennywise

  1. It’s incredible to see how much your art has evolved in just a couple of years. I think being able to focus on your art has allowed you the time and energy to really explore your style and learn new mediums. I’m honored to be a patron of your work and I love seeing your style change over time – it’s exciting!

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