Trailer Review: No Sin Unpunished (2020)

Check out the trailer here!

Ghostly horror coming soon featuring a young murdered girl seeking revenge on a time limit. No Sin Unpunished (2020) is part supernatural thriller and part ghost story, this promises a haunting ride. I’m a big fan of these kinds of films — I blame the 90’s The Crow starring the late Brandon Lee.

From New York Times best-selling author (The Fury, Son Of The Endless Night) John Farris comes “No Sin Unpunished” based on his short story, “Horrorshow.” Filmed here in Atlanta, it promises a tense race against time as a ghost and clairvoyant work together to find the girl’s killer and prove his guilt.

Digging the vibes of this poster.

No Sin Unpunished will be available from Monarch Home Entertainment Jan. 21st on DVD.

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