Review: “Retch” at the 2020 Women in Horror Film Festival

The annual Women in Horror Film Festival in Atlanta is a haven for diversity and inclusion in one of the most creative modern genres.

I’m lucky to live in Atlanta, Georgia — home of The Walking Dead, southern gothic author Flannery O’Connor, and the film capital of the East Coast. We’re the location for filming many MCU films, but there’s also a massive horror fanbase here. Home of the Atlanta chapter of The Horror Writers Association, we also host a variety of horror and SFX events such as the phenomenal Outer Dark Symposium.

Movie poster for the short film Retch.

One such event is the annual Women in Horror Film Festival. An eagerly anticipated celebration of female filmmakers and visionaries, it boasts unique screeners of films that might otherwise get drowned out of the spotlight.

As part of the WIHFF, I has the pleasure of reviewing Retch (2018), a short film that takes the current hypochondria of our zeitgeist and crafts something darn spooky.

Read my full review here at Dead, Buried, and Back!

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