Review: Driven (2020)

Driven has an edge over the competition.

The global pandemic has been detrimental to the movie industry, but there are still some gems being released. One is Driven, a film about two unlikely people crossing paths in monstrous circumstances. The plot centers around Emerson (Casey Dillard), a down-on-her-luck rideshare driver and wannabe comedian. When she picks up mysterious passenger Roger (Richard Speight Jr.) though, her night takes a sharp turn for the worst. With a tone that balances the line between humor and horror. It’s a fun ride in a uncertain time — something we can all appreciate.

It’s not the kind of movie you may expect!

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Watch the trailer and see what you think!

With solid acting, dialogue, and cinematography, Driven surpasses my expectations for this small film. I genuinely didn’t know what was coming next, making each twist more fun than the last. As usual, avoid too many trailers if you can help it – too many give away too much. However, the film examines loneliness and class divisions in a thoughtful way without feeling forced or out of character. It also offers a new, less resourceful approach to the demon hunter character trope. Featuring a bisexual lead protagonist was a welcome surprise too. Keeping the relationship between Emerson and Roger away from romance really felt honest and new in a medium overwrought with love triangles and forced romantic liaisons for the sake of studio demands. It’s a refreshing horror-comedy ride worth sharing.

Now there are some nitpicks I could make, but the film is enjoyable and does a good job of building the plot’s tension while poking well-meaning fun at the genre. It is a film that deserves more views and attention. And with 4 film festival awards under its belt already, it already has a future.

If you are stuck at home, consider supporting independent films by watching or renting on your streaming service. This is the one time in a long time that independent filmmaking has been on a more level playing field with the major Hollywood studios. Show them that you support their innovation instead of endless remakes, sequels, and prequels.

Driven is available on demand.

My rating: 4/5

This review was originally posted for the Horror website Dead, Buried, and Back. 

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