Inktober 2021: Week 4

Day 21: fuzzy/omen

Day22: wicked weeds/open

Day 23: Frankenstein

So I continue playing with gouache and wanted to do something bright but stylized for the prompt. This is gouache with sharpie pen and acrylic paint. I rather like it. The colors are really nice together, and it’s cute and creepy at the same time.

Day 24: Extinct

I haven’t had time to draw dinosaurs much lately like I want, but this prompt just fit too perfectly. T-Rex knows what’s coming.

Day 25: Dark Sea

I wanted to play with the motion of a roiling sea and waves, and I think I did a pretty good job here. I broke out the sketchbook studies I did from a recent beach trip and they really informed this piece. It’s a reminder for me that nothing replaces real-world references when I can find them.

I didn’t finish the rest, but that’s okay! 💜 Self-acceptance vibes in 2022.

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