February Shop updates

Love After Death mini Ouija board and planchette set

It’s been a wild month, but I’m finally getting more pieces uploaded on my Etsy shop. So far, it’s resin and some original paintings, but I have more coming too as I gear up for festival season — my first event starts later this month.

Since I’ve started making mini Ouija boards, I’ve been working continuously to improve them. Now the planchettes come with black velvet on the bottom for a smoother glide. I’ve also added glass cabochons to the opening to add a more authentic feel. They magnify a bit too!

Luna Moth glow mini Ouija board and
planchette set

Other than that, I’ve been working on commissions! Many new pieces are coming out soon, and I can’t wait to share them with you! Once the Buried Alive Film Fest gets going again after safety delays, I have new reviews coming too. Everything is wild lately, and nothing feels set in stone.

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