Inktober 2018: Week 2

Catch up time! I had a good deal to catch up on from last week, but I’m not stressing it too much since this Inktober I’m also prepping for festivals this month. That means not always following the prompts. I know they say that’s acceptable, but still!

Drawings that were due last week:

Ace Hogwarts witch for Hiwitchtober Day 6.
Exhausted Dr. Jonathan Crane for Inktober Day 7.

I had a good time doing these, even though Crane ended up looking a little like Stephen King (appropriate!) and my witch’s eyes didn’t turn out the way I liked. She’s cuter in person with the silver ink.

Day 8: Star (Inktober)

Joker for Star

Batman is always the biggest star from Joker’s perspective (after himself of course!). I skipped the Day 8 prompt for Hiwitchtober because meh, I wasn’t feeling it. I’m basically doing the ones from that list that strike me.

I did do some work on existing projects though like Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck in the upcoming Joker movie and Dark Phoenix. This was also a catch-up day.

Dark Phoenix complete!
The Joker (Arthur Fleck) completed.

Day 9: Precious (Inktober)

Joker for Precious: “I really like you, buddy!”

Had a rough time getting started today. We had the glass company coming out to fix our windows and I didn’t sleep well last night. Meh.

I crossed Heath Ledger and Telltale’s Joker for my piece today. I just can’t escape the Batjokes: their strange bromance is just beautiful and terrifying, okay? This was a watercolor base with black ink line work and backdrop, white paint highlights, and copic marker touch ups. I’m super proud of his skin texture and his sad smirk.

Day 10: Flowing (Inktober)

Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman for Flowing: I love the way she moves as the character!

Hurricane Michael came through, so the day was spent in nervous anticipation and preparation. I ended up working on Velociraptor Eye pendants for the next two weekend’s festivals.

Day 11: Cruel (Inktober)


Instead of drawing cruelty happen, I thought I’d practice facial expressions and imply it. Is she witnessing cruelty, planning it, or has someone been cruel to her? Also, she accidentally cane out looking like Madam Red from Kutoshitsuji / Black Butler, and I’m not complaining!

Day 12: Whale (Inktober)

Orca for the prompt Whale

I can’t help that Orcas are cute. I love them. I’ve also never drawn one before, so this was a fun new experience!

Day 13: Guarded (Inktober)

The Scarecrow for the prompt Guarded

I had a really good time working on this piece! So much so that I’m filming the inking and coloring process. You can see the videos I’ve posted so far on my Instagram and Facebook pages.

Day 14: Warrior (Hiwitchtober)

Norse Warrior

I’m a big fan of Conan-style art, so I wanted to do a female warrior fighting against something magical. The creature I’ll put together later, but I’m overall happy with her even if drawing forced perspective dynamic poses in high heels is killer. I tried to work in some Norse runes but I’m not sure if they are as visible as I’d like.

Final thoughts

And that’s it for Week Two! I’m overall pretty pleased with my progress, especially considering I had a show the first day of Inktober and then another one this weekend. One more next weekend then festival season is over for me. I’m kind of sad about it, actually.

3 thoughts on “Inktober 2018: Week 2

  1. I really enjoy your commentary as you go through, and I’ve got to say, I love the Norse Warrior one! I really love dynamic poses like that and you capture it perfectly!

    1. Thank you! I’m using it as a kind of diary, helping me recall my headspace as I was working. Im glad you think the Norse Warrior was a good one! Im not very confident in her, but my confidence always wanes once I’m finished with a piece 😅

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