Inktober 2018: Week 5 Wrap Up

Finally getting around to the final post for Inktober 2018 and taking time to reflect on my progress. I have to say that it’s been difficult with all the changes happening in my life. I’ve picked up freelance work at Dead, Buried and Back writing film reviews.

Day 29: Double

Batman as Distracted Boyfriend

I was up late and this just came to mind. This just makes me think of the Batman and Catwoman wedding DC recently had, and now I can’t unsee it. I’m happy with how Catwoman turned out, but Joker’s eyes are over drawn and he looks too stiff. Oh well!

Day 30: Jolt

Go, Jolteon!

I’ve been slowly working on a cosplay for Sylveon for a few months, so Jolteon was the first thing that cane to mind. Lots of other people had the same idea though so meh.

Day 31: Slice

I enjoyed drawing Joker’s knife.

Ended the month with a quick sketch of the Joker. I had to look up the switchblade edge to make sure it looked right, but the rest is just loose without a reference. I find if I use reference combinations for poses they look much better, but this actually turned out pretty good (at least I thought so).

Overall, I’m glad I finished Inktober. It’s always hard to fit drawing every day for a specific prompt into my already crazy October schedule, and I’m glad I managed. I got a good amount of other artwork done too, so really it was double time artwork. That in mind, this was probably my most productive month from an art perspective.

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