Pennyworth (2019) Series Trailer Reaction: The Butler We Love

Alfred Pennyworth in Young Justice (left) and the new Pennyworth series (right).

Alfred Pennyworth, the man who raised Bruce Wayne and remains unwaveringly loyal to the Wayne family. Butler, confidante, firmer military man, trained field surgeon, and all around badass, Alfred is one of the most reliably cast characters in a Batman film, TV show, and comic. When designing a take on Batman, one must always consider Alfred.

Alfred versus a home invasion.

So it’s beyond amazing to see that Alfred is getting his own tv series. And not just any series, but a spy thriller set in his native Britain as he forms the beginning alliance with Batman’s father, Thomas Wayne. Is it necessary, you may ask? I counter, is any of the media we consume really necessary? We won’t know until we’ve seen it.

It’s a prequel I never knew I wanted. The tone looks fitting, and it promises to be a fun ride that also offers a glimpse into a character filmgoers and comic book fans alike sometimes take for granted but always expect.

Just a few of the most recent faces of Alfred. Left to right, Michael Caine (The Dark Knight trilogy), Sean Pertwee (Gotham), and Jeremy Irons (Batman vs. Superman).

The series, helmed by the creators of Gotham, makes some exciting promises with a character who’s been too long overlooked. Hopefully it meets our expectations and proves its worth.

See the trailer for yourself here!

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