YouTube Video: Why I Switched to Primarily Arches Paper

If you’re relatively new to my page, watercolor is still rather new for me. I’ve been on a watercolor journey for over a year now after never touching the medium before — I learned traditional media through pencil, ink, and acrylic.

It’s certainly been a learning curve, and while I knew about choosing proper paints thanks to year’s painting with acrylic (student grade is a far cry from professional grade paints), I hadn’t given much thought to paper. I wasn’t using sketch or copy paper, of course, but I was using my tried and true Strathmore mixed media or watercolor paper depending on my medium.

This all changed when I tried Arches paper after seeing tons of artist Youtubers talk about it. I was skeptical, especially considering the price. But I was wrong. Check out my video to see what I mean.

And no, I’m not sponsored by Arches. What do I look like?

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