Grant Park Summer Shade Festival 2019

The end of August marked The Grant Park Summer Shade Festival, one of my biggest art festivals of the year. Luckily, I had my sister, author Marlena Frank, to help out. This was my second year attending as an artist vendor, and it’s always a fun time. Despite the heat this year and a bit of rain, we still had some fantastic people come out to see us.

Marlena is working on a series of blog posts discussing her experiences as an author selling he books at festivals, and one of the biggest questions she gets is about setup. I get that too from fellow artists, so we’ve started trying to film our setup each time. It helps us see what we did (and didn’t) do right and where we can improve. Each setup is a different experience, and we learn a little more each time. If you’re an artist thinking about attending festivals, maybe this will be helpful for you! I know I watched as many vendors as possible at shows before we did our first one.

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