Review: Battle at Big Rock

It’s a hidden gem for dinosaur and Jurassic Park fans.

Jurassic Park will always be a classic film. Whether or not you love the Jurassic World movies, they’re here to stay too, and the studios know it. To tide us over for the next installment in the Jurassic World franchise, they released a short film in the series called The Battle at Big Rock on September 16, 2019. Haven’t seen it? Watch it below then scroll down. You can also find a list and discussion of all dinosaurs appearing in the film by Newsweek.

An all new short film set after the events of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

The end of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom left fans divided. Was it right to allow the dinosaurs freedom, or should they have been left to die? What are the responsibilities we humans have for these species we’ve resurrected, remade, fashioned into genetic projections of our own wish fulfillment, and turned into entertainment? Should we, as Ian Malcolm stated, let them die? Or do we own them something more, as Hammond implied?

The choice comes down to personal belief, but the results are catastrophic either way. One way or another, humanity pays a price. Humans have long flaunted our supposed superiority over nature, and the dinosaurs represent a natural force that mankind cannot simply ignore or drive out of a habitat. It’s fitting then that the Jurassic World franchise surges forward while our environment is on the verge of collapse. This plays out perfectly in The Battle at Big Rock (2019) where a family enjoying a night camping in a National Park encounters unusual wildlife and must fight for survival.

For anyone who lives alongside nature, this scenario looks pretty familiar. Bears and other animals pose a significant threat, but we have warnings to help us manage and mitigate that threat. When the threat comes from dinosaurs though, this poses a significant problem for humans. We are wholly unprepared. Because humans are still learning to live with dinosaurs, they have not yet hunted them to extinction, taught them to fear human weapons, or found a way to harvest their body parts for our personal fashion choices. As such, the dinosaurs are seen as a nuisance at least and a terror at worst.

Can you tell I’m excited for the next Jurassic World movie?

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