Inktober 2019: Week 1

It’s been a wild week! I’ve been incredibly busy between Inktober beginning, my day job, October activities, and prepping for upcoming shows this month. I also came down sick very suddenly, so that put me a little behind. I spent a few days just sleeping, taking my medicine, and just letting myself recover.

But I’ve still stayed on track! I’m super proud of that.

Day 1: Scarecrow

I worked a long time on this one. As I’ve said in previous posts, I’m taking a mixed media approach to a Inktober this year. I live drawing Dr. Jonathan Crane aka The Scarecrow, and I used the chance to try improving my approach to complex, fully digital art. There are some bits I’m not terribly happy with, but overall I think it’s a solid entry!

Day 2: Owl

I went for a barn owl here because they have such interesting faces. I remember seeing the one in Labyrinth, and it always stuck with me. Here, I used pencil and watercolor to bring out the delicate feathers.

I wanted to do more, but this was the day I suddenly started feeling poorly, so I never got around to it that evening. It’s definitely one I’ll revisit after the challenge is over.

Day 3: Grim Reaper

I was sick in bed all day, and I had already completed a grim reaper but wasn’t satisfied with the outcome. So, I pulled out my micron pens and Copic markets and set to work on this.

I’m really happy with how creepy it looks. The detail on the bones and skull were a lot of fun, and it was nice to get something done while I was stuck in bed.

Day 4: Demoness

This one is fully watercolor and ink. It was a lot of fun, especially experimenting with hair. I always feel like I’m very bad at drawing hair. Give me hands and feet any day! Hair is my true bane.

This Demoness is watercolor and ink with some Posca pen to darken the blacks in places.

Day 5: Frog

Another one I did completely bed ridden! I used dip pen, watercolor, and Copic marker to get the shadows. I wanted the frog a spot of color on the desaturated leaves.

I’m thankful that I started this one early though. My first watercolor class was today and I knew I’d be busy with bookkeeping and catch-up (more on that later!), so it was nice to have this one already finished and posted around 2am so I could focus on my teaching.

That’s it so far! Are you doing Inktober too? What are your favorite supplies?

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