Inktober 2019: Week 2

Overall, me being sick has really held me back in the first weeks of Inktober. It’s made me depressed and I’ve just struggled to accomplish much. I’m having to make myself realize that it’s perfectly acceptable to take time for myself, care for myself, and that the work will be there. It’s just a tough lesson to actually practice.

Day 6: Sea Witch

I wasn’t quite sure what to do for this prompt. At first, Ursula from The Little Mermaid was all that came to mind. But that got me thinking of Mermay and mermaids, which is how I ended up with this cute underwater witch.

That was also the day that my ArtSnacks box arrived, so I used all of the tools in it for this one. The colors worked great for this undersea there. I used Copic markers, Faber-Castell Pitt pens, Posca pen, and acrylic ink.

Day 7: Enchanted

Another one that stumped me, though I really have no idea why. Now that the prompt is over, I have plenty of ideas. I guess there’s a day like that for everyone.

I wanted to emphasize the faeries’ connection to nature, so I worked to make their wings very leaf-like.

Day 8: Haunted Doll

This is a prompt I was excited for from the beginning. I’ve seen enough Annabelle to bore me to tears, but I wanted to go a full-on spiritualism route. Hence, the Gothic Lolita girl surrounded by spirits. This is legitimately my favorite time period to study: the tensions, the clothes, the rising attention to occult mysteries.

Day 9: break time

I’ve been planning for events all week, and finally had to take a mental health break. I’m a bit frustrated by it, but it’s more important to care for myself in the long run than meet an arbitrary goal. I plan to revisit this one soon.

Day 10: Pattern

This one was a lot of fun! I wanted to go with a kind of relaxed goth vibe, so I added washi tape for the pattern of the kimono and brim of her hat. The greats are ink and Copic marker. I’m super happy with how chill but also intense they look.

Day 11: Snow

I can’t resist a landscape when I have to work with snow. I’m a major fan of arctic exploration and the challenges of winter in literature, nature writing, and history (frostbite, close quarters, the Wendigo, you get the picture). So, I went with a landscape on Strathmore tones paper using Kohi-Noor charcoal, Higgins Eternal black ink, and Ranger Dylusions white ink spray.

Day 12: Dragon

I’m very unsatisfied with my dragons! I feel like I’m just not good with their proportions and overall look. There are just so many fantastic dragons and dragon artists out there, and I never feel my work is ever going to even come close. But, I tried! Fire Dragon in colored pencil and ink with a touch of white acrylic paint.

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