Review: Echoes of Fear (2018)

Ask any horror fan, and they’ll tell you they have a favorite genre. Mine is undoubtably haunted houses. I know they can be trite, but there’s something abut the metaphorically haunted place, how a location can absorb the character of the people who live there, that has always fascinated me. We find echoes of this in any story about death where someone is left behind to pick up the pieces of those who’ve passed. Horror tackles this by turning the metaphor into something supernatural, allowing the haunting to manifest as something on the edge of vision, just out of sight, lurking in dream and shadow.

Check out the trailer here!

This in mind, Echoes of Fear (2018) is a fascinating little haunted house horror that has a bit more than you may have bargained for. It actually caught me off-guard with how good it is. It’s not on the level of Ari Aster’s astounding Hereditary (2018), but this one does have a lot of fun moments on offer for fans of haunting and haunted house stories.

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