Sneak Peek: Buried Alive Film Festival in Atlanta, GA

Coming November 13-16, 2019 at
The 7 Stages Theater
1105 Euclid Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

Y’all know how much I love horror movies. I grew up on EC Comics and Universal Monsters. I cut my teeth on Stephen King and kaiju. I’ve done horror cosplay and filmed horror CMVs. I’ve written horror, am a member of the Atlanta Horror Writer’s Association, and I review horror movies for a living with local magazine Dead, Buried, and Back. Horror is my jam.

So when I was asked to cover The 10th Annual Buried Alive Film Fest this year in my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, you know I couldn’t resist.

I *dig* this ad for the festival, y’all!

I’ve looked over the schedule for this year, and there are a ton of great films on there. I’m really eager to see them all, but these are my six most anticipated films.

Antrum (2018)

Directors: Michael Laicini and David Amito

Antrum is a pretty highly anticipated one. There’s some really interesting world-building for it, centering on a 1979 cursed film that’s gone missing. The attention to detail looks pretty cool, as does the cinematography (look at that film grain, oof). This has potential to go viral once it releases.

Check out part one of that world building here.

Hanako-san (2014)

Director: Dan Tabor

If you’re not familiar with Japanese urban legends, Hanako-san might not sound impressive at first. However, this is the name of a fairly famous onryo, a vengeful spirit. Hanako-san haunts bathrooms and has a list of requirements for interaction much like the Western phenomenon Bloody Mary. Clocking in at 3 minutes, this short combines live action and animation. It’s ticking all my buttons, not gonna lie.

The Death Vendor (2019)

Director: Jeon Jinkyu

Just look at how gorgeous this is.

This one looks positively beautiful. The Death Vendor is a gorgeous 2D animation pulling from the horror of everyday life as a young boy encounters a man selling doomed chicks on the side of the road.

Metamorphosis (2019)

Directors: Juan Fran Jacinto and Carla Pereira

Love this creepy animation style.

Metamorphosis has a deeply unsettling style, from the shape of the figures to the colors to the overstuffed setting. The story of a thirty year old man taking control of his life, it promises some high creep factor scares. I’m ready.

How to be Alone (2019)

Director: Kate Trefry

Check out the trailer here!

There’s a ton of potential here as a woman is left alone for the night by her boyfriend and begins spiraling into her anxiety. Is there something hidden in the cabinet? Are her deepest fears and insecurities sneaking out to claim her? That killer trailer gets at some major Lovecraftian vibes.

Terror Road (2019)

Director: Brian Shephard

Badass artwork for this movie poster! Props — this is awesome!

An 80s aesthetic horror movie about a spooky road and the creature that attacks people on it? Yes, please! Just that poster alone guarantees my butt in the chair for this one. One wrong turn for our protagnonist equals fun for me!

Check out the trailer here.

As you can see, there are a lot of fantastic looking films coming up this year. I’m so excited to be there with Dead, Buried, and Back to cover the films and show support for the creative filmmakers, artists, and actors who make it all possible. If you can make it out, you won’t regret it. And if you see me wandering around, say hi!

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