Review: Terror Road (2019)

The promo is a good representation of the film’s tone!

Directed by Brian Shephard, short film Terror Road (2019) is a throwback to 80s horror in a good way. It’s got a simple premise based on folklore you’ve probably heard: don’t stop on a certain road at night, or else something terrible happens. In this case, that’s Terror Road. And you guessed it, a young woman driving home stops there.

The plot may be simple, but this one feels like it belongs in Creepshow or as an episode of Tales from the Crypt. It hits those stranger danger vibes and even has a pretty fun soundtrack.

The color palette is all blue tones, and the nighttime isolated setting feels realistic. As someone who used to work late nights and had to drive those empty forested roads, it made me tense.

Is it innovative or ground-breaking? Not really, but it sure is a fun throwback clocking in at 8 minutes that’s suitable for younger fans too. That’s pretty rare! I’d definitely watch more like it from this team.

My rating: 4/5 stars

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