Inktober 2021: Week 1

Inktober is such a wild challenge, and it’s always during one of my busiest months. I’m busy in a variety of conventions this month, and I’m glad for the ability to travel and visit different places. I’m also out of practice with conventions and being around groups of people.

That in mind, I’m tackling these in a weird order and doing mostly digital since I’m on the go so often this month.

Day 1: Crystal

I am very out of practice doing just sketches, so I probably over-planned this piece. I wanted clean line art and something fae-inspired. So I went with a deer woman with a crystal crown. It’s not exactly spooky, but I like her.

Day 2: Suit

Going for a full-on Mad Max vibe with this one. It also kind of reflects the general feeling of the times we’re in. It’s creepy. I do wonder if this is where we’re heading in fashion terms.

Day 3: Vessel

I admit, I was thinking of Camp Crystal Lake with this piece. I wanted to add something creepy to the mix, something in the water, but I didn’t have time. That boat’s details took a lot of time. I’m super happy with how it looks though. Lonely and full of promise.

Day 4: Knot

This one is still a wip because I got carried away with colors and shadow. Honestly, that’s my biggest struggle doing anything digitally these days— resisting the urge to completely finish each piece.

I read the prompt and immediately thought of the Susan Glaspell stage play Trifles and the short story she later adapted from it “A Jury of Her Peers”. I taught it in classes before as a murder mystery and early example of feminist fiction. Definitely worth reading if you haven’t. It has a creepy forensic investigation vibe.

Day 5: Raven

I went full out again. And this is probably the big reason I’m so behind on this challenge. But I’m getting some interesting art out of it! For this one, I’m particularly happy with the crow and its lighting.

Day 6: Spirit

Just a quick sketch this time. I had this idea of spirits, spiked coffee, and the like while at Monsterama Con this weekend, and the image stuck.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my progress! I haven’t started day 7 yet (I skipped it), but I have plenty of other cool ideas working out for this current week. Thanks for sticking with me!

Are you doing Inktober or any other drawing challenge this month? How are you holding up?

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