Inktober 2021: Week 2

I’m making decent progress with Inktober this year! It’s rough doing these while I’m working at shows, but (as I said in my previous post) I’m getting what I can done and trying not to put undue pressure on myself. I was a panelist for Monsterama Con the week of these prompts, so I’m just now getting to some of them. I’m a bit behind but trying to work at my own pace and still complete my other obligations.

The prompt for day 7 was Fan, and I have an idea that’ll take more time to form and create, so I skipped that prompt for now.

Day 8: Watch

This prompt stumped me at first. I wasn’t keen to draw a timepiece, and decided to take it in a creepier direction. This bouquet is definitely eye-catching, not romantic.

Day 9: Pressure

If you’ve followed me for awhile, you know that I have social anxiety and am an introvert. I’m a restaurant, I get uncomfortable at the thought of sending food back to the kitchen if my order is wrong.

For this piece, I wanted to capitalize on that fear with a murderous 50s diner vibe. I kind of love it and want to do a series in this vein.

Day 10: Pick

A trio of ghosts: Which will you choose to haunt your home? Choose wisely.

I’m in love the the textures in this piece. I want to make it a sticker, prints, etc. It’s just so cute and creepy.

Day 11: Sour

This is the second year in a row that I’ve included a self-portrait in my Inktober work. For this self-portrait, I used a photo of myself as a reference. But the previous one was pretty triggering for my ED dysphoria.

This one was inspired by the way a person can feel about a location. I have a number of experiences where I (or people I know) have had bad experiences with people that completely soured their view of a place. On a larger scale, the tragedies in a specific city or town (natural disasters, serial killers, etc.) shape an outsider’s view of that place. I wanted to incorporate that idea, the woman smirking above the city she’s from. The two of them connected in the mind of the viewer, both cruel and unwelcoming. Her face is splattered with blood, hinting at just how she earned her reputation.

Day 12: Stuck

For this prompt, I wanted to do something that fit in with the old freak shows or Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. I also wanted to draw a snake because I love them 💜 So this happened. The symbols on their foreheads are actually different alchemical symbols: one represents life and the inverted one is death.

Thanks for sticking with me for the second week! Now that my conventions are mostly over, we’ll see how industrious I am with the prompts for week 3.

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