Inktober 2021: Week 3

It’s still a rough month, but I’m hanging in there with my Inktober work! I’ve gotten to the point where if I get stumped in a prompt, I just skip it. Getting stressed doesn’t help my creative process, so I don’t worry about it.

Here’s my progress for week 3!

Day 14: Tick

So this is a throwback. When I saw the prompt for this one, all I could think of was a bomb. Then I could just think of the Joker bomb from the Batman: The Animated Series episode “Joker’s Favor.”

Day 15: Helmet

This was an attempt at designing some feathered fantasy armor. I enjoyed every part of it until it came time to create the actual helmet for the prompt. I had some trouble, couldn’t decide on a design, and eventually just gave up so I’d be on target for the challenge.

I skipped Day 16!

Day 17: Vampire

I had the urge to break out my HIMI jelly gouache for this one. I wanted something gothic but in the form of a fairly expressionist portrait. This one is flowy with some neat details. And it gave me a chance to practice with a medium with which I’m less familiar.

Day 18: Moon + Spell

This is a piece I’ve been working on for awhile as a redraw of my old Necromancer painting. It was nice to add so much detail and really glow up this piece with extra details and see my growth as an artist and character designer. I’m particularly proud of all the background details.

Day 19: Pumpkin

Moving in with Mabs Drawlloween Club for a bit for this prompt. It’s been a little bit since I drew a proper Jack-o-lantern, so I thought I’d remedy that with some added texture play. I actually think it turned out pretty cute!

Day 20: Sprout

Just some leaf painting practice. I have so much trouble with digital when it comes to this nuance. Traditional just gives me more control, and I don’t really know why.

Thanks for reading! If your doing Inktober, power to you! We can get through this!

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